Welcome to Telepathy Walker!

Thank you very much for purchasing Telepathy Walker!
With simple user-interfaces and easy-to-wear design, Telepathy Walker presents a new kind of wearable experience.

To find out more about the device, please visit our YouTube Playlist for Telepathy Walker User Guide.
You can also find some basic information below.

Let’s get started!

Charge the device

Charge Telepathy Walker using the AC-USB charging adapter and USB cable.
Insert the supplied USB cable into Telepathy Walker’s USB port (Micro-B) and charge the device until the red LED light turns off.

Telepathy Walker

Turn the device on and off

To turn on Telepathy Walker, press the Power button and hold it down until blue LED light turns on.
To turn off, press the Power button and hold it down until the device shuts down.

Create Personal Profile

To install apps on Telepathy Walker, you need to create your own personal profile and link your device with the profile.Please watch this tutorial video for how to link your device.

How to wear

Please watch this video to see how to wear Telepathy Walker. It should look like the picture below if you wear the device properly.

Telepathy Walker

Hardware description

Telepathy Walker
Telepathy Walker
Telepathy Walker

Telepathy Walker

Step-by-step tutorial videos

Telepathy Walker User Guide
1. What's Included
2. Charging the Device
3. Hardware User Interface
4. Turn On and Off / Sleep and Wake
5. Wear the Device
6. Launcher and Settings
7. Connecting to Wireless Network
8. Dominant Eye Setting
9. Device Registration
10. Bluetooth Pairing
11. How to Reboot When Your Device Freezes
12. How to Recalibrate Motion Sensors