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Precautions for using Telepathy Jumper

Precautions for using Telepathy Jumper

Precautions for using Telepathy Jumper

Please read the following product guidelines for safety.

Failure to observe the cautionary items set forth below may cause a fire and/or electric shock and possibly result in death, serious injury or other accidents.

●Use only the USB cable and AC-USB charging adapter provided with the product.

●Keep metal and other conductive products away from the USB and headphone jacks in order to prevent risk of electrical short.

●Do not use the product in the rain, in the bathtub, in a shower stall or any other location where it may be exposed to water, and do not use in very humid locations. Also do not place containers filled with water or chemicals near the product.

●Do not place the product in very damp or dusty locations, on kitchen countertops, next to humidifiers or in other locations where the product may be exposed to oily vapors or steam.

●Do not leave the product inside a vehicle with all windows closed, in locations exposed to direct sunlight, near air conditioner or heater outlets, or in a location where the temperature may become abnormally high.

●Under no circumstances should the product be disassembled and/or remodeled.

●Do not remove the eye protector when using the product, as the edge of the display unit may cause injury to the eye.

●In the following situations, immediately turn off the product's power and disconnect the AC-USB charging adapter from the power outlet.
 -Emittance of smoke, strange odors or unusual noises
 -Water or foreign objects have found their way indside the product.
 -The product has been dropped or its casing has been damaged.

●Do not go to sleep with the product around your neck, as the flexible fitting may wind itself around your neck and cause suffocation.

●Do not use the product while it or its AC-USB charging adapter is covered with fabric or other materials.

●Do not use wet cloth, alcohol, benzyne, thinner or other chemicals to clean the product.

●Ensure that the AC-USB charging adapter is not plugged in and that the USB cable has been unplugged from the computer before cleaning the product.

●Start at a low level volume when using the product.

●Do not use the product while driving, biking, using heavy machinery, during sports or any dangerous activities.

●Do not use the device or look at the screen while walking, as it may be cause for injury.

●Ensure there are no medical devices close to the product as signal emitted may interfere with medical devices and cause them to malfunction.

●Do not touch the AC-USB charing adapter with wet hands.

●Ensure there is no dust or other foreign objects on the AC-USB charging adapter before plugging it in.

●Do not put in direct contact with fire or heat. Keep away from candles and other sources of fire.

●Do not touch the product or the AC-USB adapter plug when there is thunder or lightening.

●Do not charge the product for prolonged periods of time, as it may cause leakage, breakage or fire.

●Do not turn the camera of the display unit towards the sun.

●Keep the camera away from direct sunlight.

●Disable the wireless communication feature inside airplanes, hospitals, or other areas where there are restrictions on transmissions.

There is risk of harm to humans or the surrounding environment in case the following warnings are not heeded.

●Do not leave the product in areas that are humid/prone to water condensation.

●Do not wave or swing the product around

●Do not overbend the base of the flexible fitting when adjusting the display unit position.

●For safety, turn off the product when done with use.

●Do not touch the hot parts of the AC-USB charging adapter for prolonged periods of time.

●Do not use the product in direct contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time.

●Make sure you are wearing the product correctly.

●Do not use the product for any purpose other than viewing or recording images.

●If any trouble or malfunction has occurred in the product, stop using it immediately.

●If you detect any skin irritation or abnormalities after wearing the product, stop using it immediately.

●Prolonged use of the product may result in deterioration of your vision and/or other problems so take periodic breaks from use at moderate intervals.

●If you feel fatigued, unwell or otherwise uncomfortable, stop using the product immediately.

●While using the product, check that there are no easily breakable objects in the vicinity and otherwise ensure the safety of the area around you.

●This product should not be used by persons with a history of photosensitivity, who are in poor health, or who have other physical conditions.

●Do not use the product if your eyes have medical problems or injuries.

●Do not allow children who are still growing to use the product since it may adversely affect their health.

●When disposing of the product, follow the ordinances and rules established by the local governmental authority.