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Start by charging the battery on the power unit.
Charge the battery by using the USB cable included to connect the display unit with your computer or by using an AC-USB adapter to charge via wall socket. Make sure it is being charged by checking the LED indicator on the display unit.
It typically takes about 2 hours for the battery to become fully charged.

Telepathy Jumper

Turn Jumper on or off

To turn on the display unit, slide and hold the right side of the camera with your finger, as shown in the image. To turn the unit off, make the same movement while the unit is turned on.
When the unit turns on, the LED indicator will blink blue and the Home screen will be displayed.

Telepathy Jumper

About reset (reboot)

If cursor movement becomes unstable or controls stop working on the display, try turning the unit off. Turn the unit back on to resume.

Name Of Each Part

① Camera
② External light sensor
③ LED Indicator
④ USB port (Micro-B)
⑤ Operation Buttons
⑥ Speaker
⑦ Headphone jack
⑧ Release button

Telepathy Jumper

How to wear and use

Put the Flexible Fitting around your neck and let the display unit and power unit hang by your chest. This is the default form for when Telepathy Jumper is not in use.

Telepathy Jumper

Bring the display unit up to your eyes to use the device. Telepathy Jumper will display the virtual screen in the upper half of your visual range.

Telepathy Jumper

For the cleanest view, adjust the display unit so that it barely misses skimming your eyelashes, and look at the display with both eyes open. Adjust the position of the display unit so that the whole screen is visible.One aspect of Telepathy Jumper is that you can view both the displayed screen and your surroundings simultaneously.

Telepathy Jumper

Do not take off the eye protector (you can leave it on even while usnig with glasses). Do not bend the base of the flexible fitting too much when adjusting the position, as it may cause internal breakage.

Telepathy Jumper
Telepathy Jumper

Programming Remote Control

The remote for Telepathy Jumper works with 2.4 GHz low power wireless communication.
Connect the mouse (included) and display unit with a USB cable in order to sync the remote.
To sync, turn on the a low power wireless communication unit. under WIRELESS&NETWORK on the settings screen and select the serial number for your remote (RNBT-50XX) from the list of available devices.
The indicator on the upper part of the remote will blink red while syncing. Light will become green when syncing has completed. Press and hold the MENU button on the remote to desync.

Telepathy Jumper

Basic Operation

Navigate the controls using both the buttons on the remote and on both sides of the display unit.

Telepathy Jumper

The remote is removable. Use the arrow keys on the remote to choose icons on the desktop and to navigate the menu. To confirm a selection, press the OK button. To display HOME, pull up the menu by pressing the MENU button (1) and then press the HOME button (2). To go back to previous page, press the BACK button (3).

Telepathy Jumper

Ready Was Completed!

Your device is now ready to use. Hang the device around your neck to be able to use any time.
Please enjoy your new user experience, made possible with Telepathy Jumper's virtual screen.

Manuals for Developers/More detailed instructions

For a more detailed user manual on Telepathy Jumper, please follow the link below.
User manual for developers (firmware version 0706)
User manual for developers (firmware version 0831)